You should use Threads, here’s how

You probably already know, but In case you’ve been napping, Threads is Meta’s answer to Twitter. Though a lot of people say it’s just a dupe of the original twitterverse, it definitely has that new car smell. The energy remains fun and light, and the app hasn’t been tarnished with hate speech or buckets of confusing and unneeded features. Those who loved Twitter back in the day are flocking to Threads, which is no surprise. 

You should know the basics

Here’s how to start your Threads journey:

  • Go to the app store, search Threads, download
  • Make sure you’re logged into your Instagram, you need an Instagram account to use Threads
  • Choose Login with your Instagram to instantly bring your community with you and follow your fave accounts
  • Play! Start Threading by writing posts, resharing/quoting others threads, replying to threads and hearting threads


  • Threads has a 500 character limit
  • No need to worry about hashtags, DMs or multiple feeds… Threads doesn’t support them

You should have fun, but remember the fundamentals

I’ve lost track of how many creators and marketing professionals have joked about needing a quarterly Threads strategy by the end of the app’s first week. It’s funny, because it’s true. We do feel pressure to know how to win in a digital social space as fast as possible. But let’s chill out and enjoy the fact that it’s not needed yet. No one knows exactly where this magical new space is headed, so just enjoy the ride. However, as a creator, it is good to bring some of the basics to any new platform:

  • Stay in your niche
  • Post consistently, 3+ times a week at times you know work for your audience on other channels
  • Plan ahead so you don’t dry up (unfortunately, no timed posting, yet)
  • Know your audience, you imported them from Insta, you know who they are! Curate for them
  • Engage, like and repost folks often (social karma is real)
You should know what’s trending

Warning: If you are visiting from the future, this section is not for you. But if it’s Summer 2023, here are some cheat codes. Jumping on bandwagons leads to reshares, which leads to growth. Unlike Tiktok you don’t need to obsess over sounds, and unlike Instagram you don’t need to worry about growth via hashtags. 

Here’s what’s trending on Threads at the moment:

  • Hey + *emoji* repeating: “Hey *donut* *donut* *donut* (until no characters left) if you’re, like, Dunkin Donuts
  • Wrong answers only: Post a photo or a word and tell people to explain what it is with “wrong answers only”
  • All things popular movies and TV. Currently: Barbie, And Just Like That, Oppenheimer, Succession, Wednesday and The Bear
  • Describe x in one word: Describe Youshd in one word, or describe me in one word

General vibes worth noting: 

  • Sincere, funny questions to your community
  • Sass, not snark (Threads is a funny place, but it’s also keeping it kind, stay in that lane) 
  • Observational humor 
  • Imperfect images are A OK, this isn’t a polished visual space

You should be ready for monetization 

As a creator, you’re not naive. You know what comes next. People might not be able to slide into your DMs directly on threads (yet), but in this capitalist world monetization of Threads content is just around the corner. Stay consistent on your posting and play until you find your unique Threads voice. This way, when you partner with brands you can have Threads be part of the partnership and earn a little bit more. 

Youshd pro tip:

You can reshare your Instagram Reels on your Threads feed, which hopefully leads to more clicks and views… which means if it’s a Youshd #brandparnter post you stand to earn more money. 😉

You should give Threads a go. Sharing is caring, and it’s been a minute since the written word was king. Let people know what you’re thinking, without the Elon stink.

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