You should follow the three Rs

Reduce, reuse and recycle. When it comes to creators, these three important words take on new meanings. At Youshd we believe that you should get the most possible mileage out of your videos. 

  1. Reduce your lift. You have other responsibilities. Family, friends and likely at least one other job. Creating should be fun! If you see success with a Reel or Tiktok, keep using it.
  2. Reuse parts of your content. Maybe a song or sound in a video helped it perform better, maybe there are some stills or shots from a Reel that you’re really proud of. Chop up your well performing content and reuse parts of it. 
  3. Recycle your creations. Honestly, if something really resonates with your audience and had legs, there is no shame in fully resharing it. 

Let’s dig into why and how to best utilize the three Rs to lessen your load, maximize your reach and grow your personal brand. 

You should lessen your load

Even creating fun content for your favorite brands can be tiring. Creative work is hard work. As you think up new content give yourself a break and play around with chopping up older winning content so you have time to think of big new ideas. 

An easy action item here is to take your smaller pieces and make them into something bigger. Like, turn your stills into Reels or Tiktoks with something like InVideo. Similarly, if you want to go really big, you can blend Tiktoks and/or Reels into IGTV or Youtube content. This will also help you grow your reach. 

You should maximize your reach

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again (and again, and again). Reach is king. When your video performs better you become more valuable to partner brands (on Youshd and beyond). 

Here are some easy ways to grow your audience:

  1. Recycle your content on different platforms to reach a broader audience. If you put a Reel on Instagram, put the same video on Tiktok. Edit the sounds and caption to match what’s trending and the differing demographics, but other than that it’s totally acceptable to double up! This will also help you experiment with what works best for each channel. 
  1. Share the same content at different times of day.Your audience might be in different timezones. Example: post a Reel in the morning on Instagram and then reshare it as a Story later that night. You’ll not only cast a wider net, but you’ll also be able to read the insights to know what your most popular post times are. 

You should grow your personal brand

Reusing and recycling personal and niche content will help people get to know you better. Be unique, memorable and recognizable. Stylistic repetition will help with this. The best brands tell a story, and it’s not a cop out to have your content continue to tell a consistent story. It’s brilliant.

You should know this Youshd bonus

Some of Youshd‘s partner brands will pay for 2-5 videos per delivery! Though we request that it’s different content, if you’ve got a killer shot or section and you want to keep for an additional video, keep it. A perfect time to use the reduce and reuse Rs to earn a little more money. 

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