You should give these brands a round of a-paws

Here at Youshd we can’t get enough customer generated content. Truly, nothing delights us more than seeing brands win through their actual customers singing their praises in fun and fruitful ways. Since we’re obsessed with all CGC we hate to play favorites… but pet posts. Pet posts are the best posts. 

If you are a doting pet parent, we know both you and your furry friend will love these wond-woof-ul brands. 

Front of the Pack
FOTP specializes in supplements made for your canine, and was carefully formulated by vets, biochemists and dog lovers “hellbent on giving your little bud the best shot in life.” From skin issues, to joint repair, to dental hygiene and everything in between FOTB’s got your cutie covered. 

The Farmer’s Dog
This health-forward brand keeps things simple. They believe that we eat healthy food to take care of ourselves, and that our pups deserve the same. It’s real food, made fresh in USDA kitchens, delivered right to your doggy’s door. 

Spark Paws
Are you and your pet a little bit extra? Like, in the best possible way? Then you’re going to think Spark Paws is super. What is it? It’s a great dog clothing and accessories brand… but they do something special. They do matching sets for humans and their pets. We can’t wait to see your photoshoot… 

West & Willow
West & Willow know your sweetie deserves to be immortalized. From large wall portraits, to phone cases, to mugs and more, you can have custom portraits made of your pal. You simply upload you pet’s photo, customize it to your tastes and a digital artist creates the work for you. Pretty, pretty neat. 

Native Pet
Native Pet wants your hound to be as healthy as possible. They’ve got supplements, oils… even bone broths to mix with dry food! They are “committed to creating the highest-quality products in pet nutrition, period.” Plus, on their site you can find the perfect fit for your pets needs under their product recommendation tab. Bonus: When you purchase from Native Pet you can make a fun video on Instagram or Tiktok and earn through Youshd. 

Le Dog Company
Have you ever noticed that a lot of stuff for pups is a bit tacky? Le Dog Company makes gorgeous accessories, dog beds and more that you’ll be proud to have on display around your home. Their beloved Le Bed is more than a looker, it also is super easy to clean and maintain, and is odor and hair resistant. 

Founded by Haley Russell, a lifelong animal lover and environmentalist, Chippin provides delicious, planet-friendly food for dogs that any pet parent can be proud to serve. As Haley says on her website “By choosing Chippin we’re all “chipping in” to provide better options for our pets and our planet. Can’t wait for your pups to taste our drool-worthy treats!” Bonus: When you purchase from Chippin you can make a fun video on Instagram or Tiktok and earn through Youshd.

Nom Nom Now
Crafted by Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists, Nom Nom Now is dedicated to “delicious science” for your four legged friend. There’s no risk in trying this five-star, highly reviewed pet brand, either. Head to their site now for 50% off your first purchase. We know you’ll be glad you did. Editor’s note: This is what my MIL feeds her husky, and she’s a happy good girl.

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