You should steal these content ideas

Not knowing what to post is the most common thing that slows a creator down. If you want to partner with brands and show off your fave products, but don’t have a clear content idea, you’re not alone! That’s why we wrote this article. This content is for you to steal. 

Here are a dozen ideas in three popular partner categories. Take ‘em, and make ‘em your own… because we don’t want to see a little bit of creator’s block slow you down.

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Your morning/nighttime routine: You’ve definitely seen this one before, “You guys have been asking about my nightly routine…” First of all, who are these guys? Second of all, it’s done a lot because it performs well. Using one of your beauty partner products, in a cut-together rundown of your wash, serum, moisturizer, etc. is a great lil’ piece of content. 

Make-up in reverse: Start with your face being done, and then play the video of you putting on your face in reverse. “Want to see how I got here?” kinda thing. Be sure to really call out the moment when you use your partner brand.

Speedy transformations: If you’re able to show how quickly a beauty product can transform something, it’s a big winner. 15 second videos perform well in the algorithm, so anything that is a quick fix is great to share. Example: “I am exhausted and it shows. But if I put on a little bit of xx, voila! I look rested.”

Color matching: If you have a blush stick or lip gloss or the like, find an item that matches the color perfectly. Example: “Here is a ripe summer peach. My favorite color in nature. And check out this exact match from @xx. Now my cheeks are my absolute favorite color!” 


ADITL: Is there anything cuter than A Day In The Life of a pet? Show off products by showing them eat and take their supplements. Be sure to include a few shots of them napping or in clothing of some kind. Give the people what they want. 

Pet reactions: Show your pet being excited about a product you partner with! A doggy wagging their tail with excitement will mean a lot to the brand, and will warm the hearts of your followers.

Pet recipe timelapse: If you spoil your pet with fancy products and homemade meals, walk through your recipes! People are addicted to cooking shows for a reason, blend this with your sweet pet’s face and you’ve got a winner.

Trick: Any trick your furry friend can do is a good one and worth a video! Reward it with a treat from your partner brand. Easy! 

Food & Drink

Simple recipe: Something like a smoothie, or a sandwich that you can assemble quickly. This makes a perfect 20 second video! Make sure your product partner is the star ingredient. 

Recipe timelapse: Do a timelapse video of a more elaborate recipe (again where your product partner is the star!) with a voice over. Be sure to include the recipe in your caption, this way people will want to save the video, which means it will perform better and be seen by more people. 

Funny food pairings: Have you seen a lot of videos about cottage cheese with mustard? Yes, and they’re fun to watch! Pair your product with something unexpected, and film your reaction to trying it for the first time. 

Cocktail pairing: Cocktails do beautifully on both Instagram and Tiktok. Do some fun (or strange!) pairings of food with cocktails. Again, making your product partner the star ingredient of either the cocktail or the snack.

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